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Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) can be found in many commercial spaces including schools, offices, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. However, it takes a trained and certified team of professionals to keep the floor looking it’s best and prevent damages. This type of flooring demands strict adherence to certain procedures This is best done by following the necessary steps from the floor’s install to the maintenance phase by setting up a VCT floor maintenance program with C.M. Cleaning Company.
C.M. Cleaning’s 3 Step Floor Maintenance Program:
  1. Proper scrubbing and sealing after installation
  2. Nightly, Weekly or Monthly Buffing Program
  3. Semi-Annual Stripping and Re-Finishing

It’s very important to know that VCT manufacturers coat their product with one thin coat of an acrylic finish for protection during shipping and storage. Because the manufacturers coating provides no gloss and minimal protection from foot traffic, your tile must be scrubbed using a side by side (or swing) machine and an aggressive pad to remove this coating 3 weeks after the floor was installed so that all new sealers and coatings moving forward will adhere. It’s then imperative that a minimum of 3 coats of 25% solids floor finish is put down to protect the floor and give it a glossy appearance.
Between stripping and recoating, VCT maintenance is the key to a long, attractive life for commercial VCT flooring. Be sure to utilize walk off mats in entrances to capture the majority of pollutants from the outdoors, and keep up with regular sweeping and mopping to protect the floor. Nightly, weekly, or monthly burnishing (or buffing) of the clean floor gives them a high gloss or “wet” look. The process of burnishing uses an ultra high-speed floor machine to renew the floor surface. Our buffing equipment ranges from quiet electric buffers to ultra high-speed propane buffers for larger and heavier floor traffic floors.
Stripping the wax coating off the tilesemi-annually removes any dirt and discoloring ground into the pores of the wax – which could be penetrated very deep depending on the frequency of your floor care maintenance program. Once the tile is completely clean, re-coating with fresh sealer and at least 3 coats of against foot traffic and outdoor elements all the while preserving the beauty and durability of the floor. The clean, glossy-finished look is sure to brighten up any room and give a fresh impression to visitors.
A VCT floor maintenance program schedule is an important part of controlling facility costs and keeping your floors looking clean. Flooring that is not properly sealed and protected with will result in unrepairable floor damage. A proper maintenance plan will protect the tile and extend the life of your floors which will save money in the long run.

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