Tile and Grout Power Washing Cleaning

Tile floors collect odor-causing bacteria inside the grout lines due to its porous nature. C.M. Cleaning has invested in state-of-the-art truck mounted machinery to drastically improve efficiencies and cost savings that we pass on to our customers when it comes to restoring tile and grout back to new. Our Hydramaster truck-mounted systems rotovac the tile utilizing a mix of acid and water at high pressure and heat allowing us the ability to sanitize the floor and bring black dirty grout back to new.
Traditional methods of cleaning tile and grout with hazardous chemicals and brushes can be very time consuming and can actually lead to discoloration of the tile and grout reducing the visual appeal of your tile floor. Our heavy equipment stays inside the truck at all times where the only thing we bring into your facility is 2 small hoses and the rotovac wand itself. Using the power of the truck, our technicians can effortlessly remove dirt, soils, bacteria, and odors stuck inside the pores. This is achieved by a controlled acid wash and water at 900 pounds per square inch of pressure at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then simultaneously extracted as it passes over the surface. The waste is then taken off site and responsibly emptied from our systems and the floor is left visually restored and sanitized.
In some situations our systems can even break down old sealer that was applied onto tile in the past, restoring the floor to its original state. Don’t wait until your tile floors start showing signs of damage, allow us to get your facility on a routine tile and grout cleaning maintenance program today!

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