Interior / Exterior Window and Sill Cleaning

Window cleaning is one service you didn’t know you needed until you have it done. There are many benefits to having your facilities windows professionally cleaned that will improve the overall aesthetics of your business’s impression to employees and visitors alike.
Not only do clean windows give a clear, crisp impression but also allow in more natural light. The benefits to natural lighting alone justify the investment in window cleaning from employee moral to saved electric costs. With time, glass naturally becomes dull due to environmental contaminants. Cleaning windows regularly helps to remove these contaminants and pollutants that have stuck on the glass and have prevented natural light from penetrating inside. This allows for your building to look more appealing and for the room space to appear bigger than it really is.
It is recommended that windows should be cleaned at least annually to prevent dirt build up, especially in and around the frames and sills which can ruin window seals, prevent proper closing action and cause air leaks, fogging, leaks, and condensation. In addition, this build-up can also increase the growth of allergens that can cause allergic reactions, skin problems and respiratory problems. Through our services, however, we will not only help in eliminating the dirt, grime and allergens but also prevent the negative implications for energy bills and mold issues that these problems come with.
We typically clean both the inside and outside of glass surfaces using professional tools that can include spot-free pure water technology and window specific solutions that are biodegradable and USDA approved safe on all windows and window tinting films. We also wipe clean all screens and vacuum and clean out all interior window sills at no additional charge.

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